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A woman has shared an amazing photo of all 17 of her cats and dogs sitting in the living room.

Kathy Smith, 30, Corwen, Wales from managed to get her pack of pets to sit perfectly still for the family portrait after days of failed attempts.

The amazing photo shows eight solemn-faced pooches and nine felines lined up on and around the sofa.

Kathy finally managed to set up and capture the heart-warming snap after bribing her pets with treats. 

A mother-of-one from Wales spent days trying to get a picture of her seventeen cats and dogs before succeeded. Pictured from back left to front right: Dinky, Jakie, Opal, Paddy, Socks, Safi, Cinders, Dusty, Max, Sheba, Smokey, Storm, Ruby, Ben, Teddy, Rio and Mishka

The shop assistant first called in her eight dogs – Ruby, Ben, Max, Sheba, Teddy, Rio, Storm and Mishka – and told them to ‘sit’ while holding treats.

Then after calling her nine moggies over, Kathy dashed back and forth with her camera on standby and was forced to haul them back into place three times.

When the 30-year-old finally had them all in position, she managed to capture a split-second snap of the 17-strong pack before they scattered and began to play.

Kathy said: ‘I was so thrilled when I realised I’d captured this shot – it’s like a little family photo.

One of Kathy’s previous attempts, with her little cousin Billy, two, taking centre stage. Kathy explained her cats would not stand still for a picture

Kathy’s dog were more than happy to sit and pose for a snap (pictured), and did so repeatedly, but her cats would not cooperate

Kathy with her cousin Billy, two. The young woman explained she rescued pets and other wildlife in her three-bedroom semi-detached home in Corwen

‘I love all of my pets so much so I was really happy when I managed to get them all posing together – despite it not being easy to do.

‘I kept trying to get photos of the cats and dogs all together but some of them were always out of frame.

‘The dogs will all sit for treats so that was easy enough, but the cats were another matter.

Billy with Kathy’s eight dogs.It took several attempts spread out on many days for the woman to get the snap she wanted

Kathy explained her house was chaos but that she had grown used to it after years caring for her neighbourhood’s animal 

‘I now know the real meaning behind herding cats – I had to just keep picking them up and putting them back until they stayed.

‘It took about three attempts but in the end I managed to keep them there for a couple of seconds and get the photo before they were off again.

‘We live in quite a chaotic house but you get used to it.’

Kathy, who rescues and cares for pets and other wildlife in need, has often surprised visitors with the number of animals she has in her three-bedroom semi-detached home.

Kathy with a friend’s dog named Lolo. The young woman has eight dogs, nine cats as well as four budgies, several fish and a baby hedgehog in her care.

Mishka posing with an unnamed kitten rescued by Kathy. Kathy admitted visitors were usually taken aback by the number of pets she kept in her house

Kathy and Smokey. The woman said leaving with that many pet was fine, as mamy of them ran around her property 

Kathy has three German Shepherd (Mishka, Storm and Max), three border collies (Sheba, Ben and Rio), a mongrel called Ruby and Yorkshire Terrier Maltese cross Teddy.

In addition to her photogenic dogs and cats, she also has four budgies, several fish and a baby hedgehog in her care.

Kathy said: ‘People are usually shocked when they come over and realise how many pets we have, the house is mad but we’re used to it.

‘They all run around and you don’t realise there’s a lot of them until they’re in one room.’

The dogs, ready for their close ups. Kathy had to haul her cats back in place several times before she could take a satisfying picture 

Kathy explained she was thrilled when she eventually caught the picture she wanted after days of attempts 

The dogs enjoying a dip in the water on a sunny day in Wales. The woman said she enjoyed taking family portraits of all her pets 

Woman revealed it took DAYS to get her 17 cats and dogs to pose together for a picture 

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