Find Reliable Companies For Travel PR

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If you’re a blogger and you’re looking to get invited on some cool press trips, visit new destinations, or just get a bit of a discount on a holiday, then you’re going to have your work cut out for you.

The days when companies were eager to give things out to bloggers are long gone. Now, travel public relations companies act as gatekeepers for the brands that they work with, and they’ll be reluctant to give any would-be blogger anything unless the blogger can prove that they have a lot of reach and influence. A few hundred visitors a month, or even thousands of followers, won’t cut it.

Great info from Sauce Communication – For most PR companies, to impress them you will need thousands of visitors, and followers more in the 50,000 range than the 5,000. You’ll need high domain authority – something which shows that your blog is respected by people who are interested in that niche – and you’ll need to rank well on Google and also have a consistent level of social media engagement. If you don’t have those things, then you’re not going to get interested in good travel brands.

Travel public relations companies need to protect the interests of their users. That means they need to know who they’re dealing with and spend their resources on the people that can really get the brand message out. If you’re a sports blogger, they’re not going to be sending you to parent-friendly destinations, no matter how much you want to go there. They’ll want to use their resources to reach parent bloggers instead. That’s just the way PR works.

Don’t blog to be an influencer. Blog because you really want to. Blog because you have something to share and say – and let the right PR gifts come to you.