Picture gallery: Viewers’ Photos of snow at North Staffordshire

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Picture gallery: Readers’ pictures of snow at North Staffordshire

You were asked by us at North Staffordshire for images of this snowfall – and you didn’t disappoint. Take a look at our gallery to see if your image is featured. Thank you to everyone who sent us videos and pictures.

  1. Snowman at Stockton Brook

  2. Reggie the Dog Sophie Bagnall.

  3. Sledging at Newcastle

  4. Ruby’s snowman at Leek

  5. Loggerheads, taken by Linda Taylor.

  6. John Hancox-Simpson of Clayton loving the snow. Picture sent in by Stephanie Simpson

  7. Knypersley, taken by Sharon Bowers.

  8. Kayla Powel sent us this image of Biddulph.

  9. The film of Caverswall was shot by Dan Ellams.

  10. An extremely snowy Congleton Cricket Club.

  11. Tiptoe the kitty isn’t too keen on the snow. Taken by Emma.

  12. Market Drayton looks beautiful from the snow

  13. Picture ideal – Julie Morris sent us this film out of Keele.

  14. Family fun. This film shows Michaela, Dominic, Momsi, Helen, Rianne and Mairo at Newcastle

  15. Having pleasure in Tittensor! Thanks with this film to Catherine Hawkesworth.

  16. A very snowy Stoke shot by Gail Peters.

  17. Caden, Finnley and Kaitlyn with pleasure in Bucknall.

  18. This snowman packs a punch! Taken by Hannah Harrison.

  19. Josh Dwine sent us this image of Burslem Park.

  20. Austin Plant appreciates the snow at Fenton. Founded in by Shell Colley.

  21. The film of Stoke Minster was sent to us by Kyra Abbi Johnson.

  22. Ava White appreciates the delights of this Trentham Estate.

  23. Consall Valley from Alison Hankey.

  24. Tilly Simpson, aged 5, loving the snow at Clayton. Picture out of Stephanie Simpson.

  25. Charlotte and Darcy loving the snow at Werrington. Picture from mum Kelly Frankum.

  26. Park Hall. This picture was sent to us by Dan Ellams.

  27. Sledging at the snow! Picture out of Lisa Conway.

  28. Snow-covered rooftops at Werrington. Founded in by Kelly Frankum.

  29. Mow Cop castle at the snow. Picture taken by a Mick Byrne.

  30. Toby, aged 7, which makes snow angels in Leek. Picture from mum Kerry Starkey.

  31. Mason and Miller Stokes making their first snowman. Picture from dad Simon.

  32. Seven month old Cavachon Daisy appreciating the snow for the first time. Picture from Nikki Ratcliffe. Of all

  33. Baldwins Gate at the snow. Picture sent in by Laura Walley. Of all

  34. Enjoyable day at the snow at Park Hall. Picture sent in by Luke Bellis. Of all

  35. Jordan Willams, Kayleigh Sheppard, Kai Longshaw and Laura McClelland together with Snowlaf the Snowman at Hanford Park. Of all

  36. A proud Oscar, aged three, standing alongside his snowman at Blurton! Picture sent in by mum Kim Dowling. Of all

  37. Picturesque Hanley garden at the snow. Founded in by Callum Hopkin. Of all

  38. Yasmina, aged seven, loving the snow at Lightwood. Picture sent in by dad Graeme Hood. Of all

  39. A snowy scene at a Harpfields garden. Founded in by Holly Prowting. Of all

  40. Siberian Husky Keesha playing at the snow at Kidsgrove. Founded in by Zoey Watson. Of all

  41. Bekky, Jordan, Lee and James together with their giant snowman at Newcastle. Sent by Rebekka Boulton. Of all