Load Picture galleries with the v img plugin

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Load image galleries with the v img plugin


This plugin for Vue.js jobs, is an pure Vue image gallery created by , which will allow you to setup image galleries in 1 group or even more. Using the v-img directive in the img label and specifying directive arguments should you will need to, then you can scroll through your pictures in a breeze.

Picture gallery hasn’t been that simple to setup


Lets see a little implementation example.

Start by installing the plugin with yarn or npm

Yarn include v-img
npm install v-img --save
import Vue from 'vue'
Import VueImg out of 'v-img'


Insert the v-img directive to the image tags in your templates

If You'd like to create seperate galleries you can specify another name along with the directive and pass extra arguments:

The above will render 2 galleries with another set of pictures.

That's it, you can give the plugin a try (GitHub Retailer) if you're interested in an effortless way to display images in galleries into your projects.

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