People Recommend Foam Rollers For Exercise

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There are many reasons check here why you might incorporate foam rollers into your personal fitness routine, but 5 stands out above all else:

1) Improve your flexibility and increase the range of motions of your joints: Stretching enjoyed many years as the conventional methodology for decreasing tightness in the muscles and improving flexibility before doing a workout or performing in a sporting event. However, more recent research has shown that foam rollers and their associated exercises, when used prior to an activity, can generate increases in flexibility.

2) Enhance your circulation: Since blood is what carries the oxygen you need throughout your body, proper circulation is critical to your total health. Decreased circulation can risk limb numbness, weakened immune systems, and even impaired cognitive abilities. Myofascial release improves circulation by busting up areas of tightness that restrict blood flow.

3) Reduce your stress: Foam roller exercises can also help you reduce your stress even after a workout. Some research indicates that myofascial release lowers cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone you’d like dialed back after a truly vigorous workout.

4) Reduces soreness from exercise: Have you ever heard of DOMS? It stands for delayed onset muscles soreness. It’s the stiffness and pain that muscles might suffer a day or two after truly intense workouts. Professional athletes might prevent it with whole-body ice baths, but you probably can’t do that, and it’s risky without medical supervision anyway. On the other hand, foam rolling can help you avoid a stiff day of doing nothing after a good day of marathon training.

5) Prevent injuries: The best way to treat injuries to never have them anyway. Consistent foam rolling and stretching can avoid iliotibial band syndrome and other common injuries from overuse and tightness.