A Smart Office Move Checklist

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Whenever you need to move, whether it be your home or office, you should always make a detailed checklist at least two months before you move. A detailed checklist will provide you with the assurance that everything gets moved and done. Let’s say for example that you are planning to move your entire office to a new location that is cheaper and larger. What type of an office move checklist would you require?

The corporate move checklist should be broken down into various categories such as “eight weeks before”, “six weeks before”, “four weeks before”, “three weeks before”, “one week before”, “two days before”, and “moving day”. These categories will each have various subcategories. On the top of your checklist page you should make five columns entitled task name, assigned to, status, and you date, and next steps.

Now that you have made your category list on the left-hand side of your sheet and your five columns you are then ready to make some sub categories. For example, the “eight weeks before” category will contain separate lines entitled things such as approve new furniture layout for private offices, confirm delivery dates for new furniture, and select moving department coordinators.

Obviously, you can include whatever subcategories you find necessary under the category of “eight weeks before”. You then continue down the category list and make subcategories for each category. The largest category section probably will be the “four weeks before” category. The “four weeks before” category will include important subcategories such as present move information to employees, confirm the date with johnsons moving services, order change of address cards, notify vendor about various things such as coffee service, water service and so forth.

When you make this type of smart checklist well in advance of your move you will find that everything goes as smooth as butter.