Coolest Sydney Art Galleries

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Miraculously, Australia’s good expressionist’s studio has been kept the way it had been when he died in 1992 of a heroin overdose. Browse Whiteley’s books and records and see the unfinished painting that he had been working on — as well as a shifting roster of mini exhibitions.Sydney can no longer possess   the thriving nightlife it once did but there are still other kinds of amusement for people seeking ethnic intervention.

We are talking the way to find it in the most populated town of Australia and art. In showcasing the most recent works from musicians and exhibitions with no less than ten places Sydney makes a attempt.

Not sure where to start? The answer’s right here.

Annandale Galleries


Step inside this space only beyond the Sydney CBD and you are going to be greeted with an art gallery owned with art collectors and traders. Do not let its independent label deter you Annandale Galleries is quite large because of its individual label and is situated amongst the walls of Methodist Church and a former Masonic lodge. The art filling this space is consists of international modern art, European art and Native Australian pieces. Such is the calibre in the exhibition that they have personal showrooms which have featured icons including  Picasso.

White Rabbit


Head over to Chippendale towards Broadway and you’ll stumble upon White Rabbit, a privately owned gallery which houses four degrees of century art designed space. Punters can go into the earth floor tea room to dumplings when you’re finished perusing the creations.

S.H. Ervin Gallery


Step over to Observatory Hill in the center of the town and you’ll be rewarded with all the S.H. Ervin Gallery, also a National Trust-operated public institution which has existed since 1978. The gallery inside houses a choice of art from the 1900s into the late 20th century with a focus on paint works and creations on paper.

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery


Hidden from a Paddington Street is the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery which showcases some of Australia’s best artworks alongside names. Archibald Prize winners, Photomedia works and setup art can all be found in this oriental Sydney place.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)


The MCA as it’s affectionately known by sailors is one of the most important players in the art arena of Sydney. The construction today boasts a rooftop cafe as well as up to 50 percent more exhibition space and function locations that were magnificent and saw a $ 53 million overhaul that was complete from 2012. The art is obviously the most important drawcard with regularly rotated exhibits from some of the world’s best in the game, and they have that over degrees.

Artereal Gallery


Artereal is a space dedicated to showcasing works from established and the rising performers from Australia. It is an fitting space for those works also with the place being in a former legacy fire station which retains each of the flair one would anticipate from an aged high-ceiling construction.

Brett Whiteley Studio


Brett Whiteley is no longer with us but his legacy of work lives on at the very office, the Brett Whiteley Studio and home of this performer. What people can observe here would be the assortment of completed and unfinished paintings alongside a good rotation of mini exhibitions. The NSW Government currently owns the space and can be offered to the public as part of their Art Gallery of New South Wales.



A piece of Sydney art scene can be seen at Artspace situated from  the Woolloomooloo Gunnery Building. Works there contain residencies exhibitions and talks .

43–51 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo

Art Gallery of NSW


Sydney’s biggest and most gallery is the confines. Built today it’s the museum of art in the New South Wales region with works from Asia, Europe and Australia alongside an yearly roster of up to 40 exhibitions. It is the ideal date place as well with near proximity to the alluring surrounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

4A Centre For Contemporary Asian Art


Blink and you’ll miss it. Follow the tram tracks from Central towards Chinatown and you’ll cross paths with the 4A Centre For Contemporary Asian Art. The nonprofit art gallery regularly holds performances, exhibits and general sessions which help to emphasize Asian musicians along with their Australian counterparts.

Glass Artists’ Gallery


For something different drop to get a crash course at the intricacies of glass art into the Glass Artists ‘Gallery in Glebe. The gallery crosses two degrees with all the ground floor making the exhibition space for artists of their persuasion that is non-glass up to flaunt their job. Head up the staircase and people will be greeted with what you came for — glass sculptures in all of their glory.



The Artsite of Camperdown went public back in 2010 meaning anybody could come in to witness the exhibition of the most inventive characters of Sydney . Landscape painters, sculptors and photographers form the bulk of the works in this and is further complemented with all the room’s high ceilings and areas to get a well-balanced exhibition.